Despite the fact that it can create disaster, smoke can be so beautiful sometimes…

Even though the photos are very similar, I found the actual pattern of the smoke interesting.



Fire departments all over the world spend their time saving the lives of many. They do a great service to the lives of many and we should be very grateful. However, they do need support so that they can continue to protect their communities! – learn more about the fire department and see what else you can do to help. – (The Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland) become a volunteer for your local fire brigade, donate money or just buy a raffle ticket to be in the running to win prices whilst helping to support your community heroes – find out different ways to volunteer and help out without even leaving your room!

The sun is very powerful. It brings warmth and light but with that, it also brings danger. Cancer, although not always diagnosed through the suns rays, can be a result of the sun. No one would probably appreciate me going on about how devastating cancer is, and even if I did, it wouldn’t help the situation. But what we can do is take action. By donating money to any of the Cancer foundation, you are helping children, mothers, fathers, people with friends, families, lives get a step closer to finding a cure.
You can go on to any foundation site and the steps are easy from there to donate a little or a lot towards the cause.
Here are only some of the sites that you can go take a look at, maybe to learn more and see how else you can help, or to read some of the strong stories of cancer patients. You can also find foundation pages on Facebook, or get a conversation going to help get people knowledgeable. – The Pink Ribbon Foundation – Daffodil Day Foundation – Kid With Cancer Foundation


Light is used in so many ways throughout the world and can be seen in so many different forms. Personally, when I think of light, I think of happiness. I think of children running with sparklers in their hands or a red and orange sunrise peeking over the horizon. But if you were to start looking deeper into the meaning and the influence light has on peoples lives, then you begin to see so many different dimensions of it.

Imagine a homeless man, so thankful of the street lamp that helps him see through the night, or even an astronaut in space that just stares in awe of the burning sun.

It is so interesting just to sit and think, to carry your mind through different peoples situations. What do you see when you think of light? I am so fascinated by this idea that the next couple of posts will be different types of light. Good and bad…